With 9 planets and 12 signs, there are 108(9x12) possible planetary positions, each of which summarizes a part of our universal reality, both good and bad. There are 72 GOOD positions which summarize our strengths and virtues, and 72 BAD positions which summarize our weaknesses and vices.


  • Best (conjunction)- Gemini
  • very good (trine)- Libra and Aquarius
  • good (sextile)- Aries and Leo
  • successful (opposition)- Sagittarius
  • difficult (square)- Virgo and Pisces
  • negative (semi-sextile)- Taurus and Cancer
  • stressful (inconjunct)- Scorpio and Capricorn


  • Best (conjunction)- Taurus
  • very good (trine)- Virgo and Capricorn
  • good (sextile)- Cancer and Pisces
  • successful (opposition)- Scorpio
  • difficult (square)- Leo and Aquarius
  • negative (semi-sextile)- Aries and Gemini
  • stressful (inconjunct)- Libra and Sagittarius


  • Best (conjunction)- Libra
  • very good (trine)- Gemini and Aquarius
  • good (sextile)- Leo and Sagittarius
  • successful (opposition)- Aries
  • difficult (square)- Cancer and Capricorn
  • negative (semi-sextile)- Virgo and Scorpio
  • stressful (inconjunct)- Taurus and Pisces


  • Best (conjunction)- Aries
  • very good (trine)- Leo and Sagittarius
  • good (sextile)- Gemini and Aquarius

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