This rant goes to ImhotepBallZ who floods this wiki with fake info on Tyche, which does NOT exist!!!

Are there discovered planets in our Solar System? FUCK NO!!!


While anything is possible, it is not likely that there is another planet lurking within our solar system. Careful monitoring of the perturbations of the sun has ruled out anything larger than Eris. There is a possibility of the existence of a couple of "planetoids" that reside within the asteroid belt, and an even greater possibility of one out in the Oort cloud, or beyond. They would, however, be considered dwarf planets for the same reason Ceres, Pluto, MakeMake, and Eris are-THEY HAVEN'T CLEARED THEIR ORBITS YET!!! Neptune and Pluto were found because we knew where to look in space, because of the way the orbits of the other planets were perturbed or disturbed from their normal ellipses..... an object as massive as a planet, will make the dwarf planets "wobble" in a slight but visible way.... all wobbles are currently accounted for. Also, as for the tilted orbit of Sedna, the gravity of passing stars could account for this, not a tenth planet like Grandpa Rodney Gomes says (Hispanics, man). Hence, there is no need to revive Lowell's Planet X for anything. A planet like that would be tugging severely on Pluto, Haumea, MakeMake, and Eris. We would have detected a tenth planet long ago. Even if the tenth planet has a highly elliptical orbit, carrying it far away to be undetectable now, it would sooner or later come close enough to leave its disturbing signature on the paths of the Dwarf planets. Prior to the Voyager flybys of Uranus and Neptune, another planet x was suspected to be out there, 'tugging' on them. However, in 1994, when a scientist used data from Voyager's flybys of these planets , it was discovered that our estimations of each planets mass were off by a small margin, accounting for the peculiarity in the observed orbits of each. No planet x was needed to describe what we observed anymore.

What does the arrow pointing to Cris's head say?

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