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    Tyche disproved

    March 8, 2014 by ImhotepBallZ

    'The outer solar system probably does not contain a large gas giant planet, or a small, companion star,'

    -Kevin Luhman of the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds at Penn State University, University Park, Pa., author of a paper in the Astrophysical Journal describing the results.

    Tyche is the hypothetical gas giant that was proposed to be causing mass extinctions on Earth as well as certain cometary influxes. Unfortunately, as new data shows, he may not exist. On 7 March 2014, NASA reported that the WISE telescope had ruled out the possibility of a Saturn-sized object at 10,000 AU, and a Jupiter-sized or larger object out to 26,000 AU. However, as I mentioned many months ago, The Planet X-based mass extinction theories were somehow rul…

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    Tyche as a Black Hole

    January 9, 2014 by ImhotepBallZ

    This idea is not as far fetched as it seems. There are PERTURBATIONS in the Trans-Neptunian region that are currently unexplained. Meanwhile, astronomers have proposed an undiscovered planet, called Tyche, may lurk in the Oort Cloud. This blog explores a bolder idea, that Tyche may be a Black hole. If Tyche is a massive ninth planet, it would be 15,000-30,000 AU beyond the orbital ring of the 8 planets, but if he is a black hole, 142,000 AU. A black hole is a hypothetical body in space, believed to be a collapsed star so condensed that neither light nor matter can escape from its gravitational field. This could not account just for the cometary quirks observed by Matese, Whitmire, and Whitman, but also, Tyche and Lykawka and Harrington's P…

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    Tyche very unlikely

    January 7, 2014 by ImhotepBallZ

    This blog posts attempts to put constraints on Tyche, a hypothetical dark Jupiter in the inner Oort Cloud Tyche, has an issue involving a rogue planet that was detected earlier, PSO J318.5-22. It is 6 times the mass of Jupiter and floats alone in interstellar space, with no Sun. This helps to disprove Tyche's existence. Isn't it ironic this way? We found a rogue planet with no Sun that's 6x as massive as Jupiter but there are some people believing in a planet 4x as massive in our Solar System. Tyche would've already been detected by now. If so, Tyche should be an ice giant, the size of Uranus maybe. However, even this would've already been seen, thanks to it's gravitational tug on the Plutoids. It is not likely that a tenth planet exists, …

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    The following article describes how New Horizons would be used to locate a putative trans-Plutonian massive object, dubbed Planet X (PX), predicted earlier by Robert Sutton Harrington and Patryk Lykawka

    The radio tracking apparatus of the New Horizons spacecraft, currently traveling to the Pluto system where its arrival is scheduled for July 2015, should be able to reach an accuracy of 10 m (range) and 0.1 mm s^-1 (range-rate) over distances up to 50 au. This should allow to effectively constrain the location of a putative trans-Plutonian massive object, dubbed Planet X (PX) hereafter, whose existence has recently been postulated for a variety of reasons connected with, e.g., the architecture of the Kuiper belt and the cometary flux from th…

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