Tyche, the hypothesized 5th gas giant hiding in the Oort Cloud, is believed to have be causing orbital snags in the Long period comets. Matese, Whitmire and their colleague Patrick Whitman first proposed the existence of this planet in 1999, based on observations of the orbits of long-period comets. Most astronomers agree that long-period comets (those with orbits of thousands to millions of years) have a roughly isotropic distribution; that is, they arrive at random from every point in the sky. Because comets are volatile and dissipate over time, astronomers suspect that they must be held in a spherical cloud tens of thousands of AU distant (known as the Oort cloud) for most of their existence. However, Matese and Whitmire claimed that rather than arriving from random points across the sky as is commonly thought, comet orbits were in fact clustered in a band inclined to the orbital plane of the planets. Such clustering could be explained if they were disturbed by an unseen object at least as large as Jupiter, possibly a brown dwarf companion to the Sun, located in the outer part of the Oort cloud. Other scientists suggest that the most likely cause of the orbital snags is a ninth planet (Tyche) 15,000 AU from the Sun (500 times Neptune's distance), a little less than one quarter of a light year. A companion star would tug the Plutoids, not just the Long period comets. Anyways, data proving Tyche is believed to have been garnered by WISE. The co-added (AllWISE) post-cryo second survey of the sky should be released by the end of 2013. This latter second survey may be required to identify proper motion candidates for further follow-up observations. If Tyche was detected by WISE it should be identified soon after the final post-cryo data is released, so it should be identified by around January-April this year. But the AllWISE data set was released only in November 2013, this "by combining data from the WISE cryogenic and NEOWISE (Mainzer et al. 2011 ApJ, 731, 53) post-cryogenic survey phases to form the most comprehensive view of the full mid-infrared sky currently available." I thought that there was a need to look for Tyche in this more complete data set. Has there been enough time (< 2 full months, including the holiday season) for that analysis to have been done? Time will tell...

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