This idea is not as far fetched as it seems. There are PERTURBATIONS in the Trans-Neptunian region that are currently unexplained. Meanwhile, astronomers have proposed an undiscovered planet, called Tyche, may lurk in the Oort Cloud. This blog explores a bolder idea, that Tyche may be a Black hole. If Tyche is a massive ninth planet, it would be 15,000-30,000 AU beyond the orbital ring of the 8 planets, but if he is a black hole, 142,000 AU. A black hole is a hypothetical body in space, believed to be a collapsed star so condensed that neither light nor matter can escape from its gravitational field. This could not account just for the cometary quirks observed by Matese, Whitmire, and Whitman, but also, Tyche and Lykawka and Harrington's Planet X may be one and the same. Tyche (as a Black hole) may be causing the Kuiper Cliff and the recently observed discrepancies in Pluto and Makemake's orbits. However, if there was a black hole, it is so massive, that the Sun, planets and everything else would be orbiting it. Also, a black hole would also effect the Outer planets' orbits and possibly also the orbits of Venus, our Earth, and Mars. As of January 2014, there are no discrepancies in any of the major planets' orbits, so a Tyche being a Black hole, or a Black hole existing in our Solar System at all, is virtually "Out of the pregunta".

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