This blog posts attempts to put constraints on Tyche, a hypothetical dark Jupiter in the inner Oort Cloud Tyche, has an issue involving a rogue planet that was detected earlier, PSO J318.5-22. It is 6 times the mass of Jupiter and floats alone in interstellar space, with no Sun. This helps to disprove Tyche's existence. Isn't it ironic this way? We found a rogue planet with no Sun that's 6x as massive as Jupiter but there are some people believing in a planet 4x as massive in our Solar System. Tyche would've already been detected by now. If so, Tyche should be an ice giant, the size of Uranus maybe. However, even this would've already been seen, thanks to it's gravitational tug on the Plutoids. It is not likely that a tenth planet exists, as it would be detected. Is it possible? Yes. The Kuiper Cliff suddenly terminates at 48 AU, and Japanese astronomer Patryk Lykawka believes there is an Earth sized planet (Planet X 2.0) at 50-100 AU with an eccentric orbit that is inclined 32 degrees to the ecliptic. However, Voyager 1, now the furthest probe launched by man, has turned up little evidence for this putative planet. However, it would've escaped notice if it has a low absolute magnitude, so the existence of Planet X 2.0 is likely. Back to Tyche, the clustering still needs explanation. It could be that the Sun's gravity is just doing this, for a planet like Tyche would've already been seen by its disturbing signature on the paths of the Plutoids.

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