Before Uranus was discovered in 1781 the world was very much an autocratic or feudal type of society where only the rich and powerful ruled with an iron grip. There was the Sun(the ruling elite), the Moon(the general populace), the merchants and educators(Mercury), the growers and artisans(Venus), the military(Mars), the clergy(Jupiter), and the wise men or elderly(Saturn). Uranus' discovery unleashed the scientific and rebellious nature of man which sought truth and freedom and no better is this exemplified than in the colonial movements from Europe to the Americas beginning around 1500 AD. Tired of the oppressive and autocratic rule under which they lived, a brave group of souls rebelled and ventured across the great Atlantic in search of a Promised Land which would offer new hope, wealth, and freedom.

From all over Europe expeditions went forth westward and over the course of hundreds of years set up thriving colonies in North, Central, and South America. Aside from the native resistance, it was basically a colossal land grab, and the toughest or most aggressive would inherit most of it. Abraham's land of milk and honey finally materialized after 2500 years of slavery and dispersion and Ephraim acquired Great Britain and the Commonwealth and Manneseh acquired the United States. Spain and Portugal acquired most of Central and South America.

The Americas, and particularly the United States, represent the spirit of Uranus, which allows one to start anew, with greater freedoms and possibilities. The American and French revolutions of the late 1700's and early 1800's were Uranian in nature. Not only did Uranus(ruler of Aquarius) oppose the aristocracy(Sun/Leo) and go it's own way, but it also broke the stranglehold or weight of Saturn(Capricorn), which untill then also ruled Aquarius. This zodiacal split resulted in the flourishing of science and invention(Uranus/Aquarius) which in turn fostered the Industrial(Saturn) Revolution(Uranus). I've always seen Great Britain as being ruled by Leo and Capricorn and the USA by the corresponding opposites of Aquarius(USA's Moon sign) and Cancer(USA's Sun sign).

Uranus, or the spirit of truth, freedom, and independence will continue to grow stronger in the years, decades, and centuries ahead, and is saying to us that old autocratic or aristocratic styles of rulership are no longer valid. Uranus is equal to the Sun, just like the Son to the Father, and there is no longer any reason to bow down to kings and presidents and rulers. The people are not to be treated as slaves or inferiors but as equals and this is what's wrong with today's society. The old systems are still in place and are preventing humanity from achieving its glorious potential. The discovery of Neptune(Pisces) in 1846 set us back a bit with their Neptunocratic and Plutocratic agendas, but the future ruler of Gemini,  once discovered or confirmed, will balance this.

The 21st century has seen a resurgence of autocracy, especially in the USA, which is being used by Britain and Israel to reinstate old and dying ideals which no longer have relevance. The old world of 7 is giving way to the world of 12, and the people shall ultimately have their way. We must no longer depend on others but become self-sufficient and self-governing. Each of us is his or her own ruler or authority and no one can supersede this. No king, president, or corporation is greater than you, and if they say to the contrary then they are an abomination and a lie. The only autocracy is self-autocracy. This is the truth and message of Uranus and the true rulers of the other two air signs.

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