According to astrology we have twelve main senses with which to experience the fullness of our reality -one for every planet or sign of the zodiac.

1 Aries/Mars - our sense of Life/Being/Self/Movement

2 -Taurus/Venus - our sense of Touch/Substance/Ownership/Worth

3 Gemini/Mercury - our sense of Thought/Perception/Speech/Communication

4 Cancer/Moon - our sense of Security/Home/Fullness/Belonging/Memory

5 Leo/Sun - our sense of Ego/Centeredness/Warmth/Love/Playfulness/Creativity

6 Virgo/X - our sense of Order/Duty/Service/Discipline/Purity/Correctness

7 Libra/Earth - our sense of Balance/Harmony/Justice/Beauty/Co-Operation

8 Scorpio/Kuiper Belt- our sense of Smell/Taste/Desire/Possession/Death/Reform

9 Sagittarius/Jupiter - our sense of Hope/Faith/Growth/Abundance/Clarity/Righteousness

10 Capricorn/Saturn - our sense of Sound/Hardness/Weight/Definiton/Limitation/Purpose

11 Aquarius/Uranus - our sense of Truth/Freedom/Independance/Originality

12 Pisces/Neptune - our sense of Sleep/Imagination/Intuition/Collectivity/Forgiveness

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