Venusis the second planet from the sun. it is the also the second terrestrial planets. Venus is sometimes referred as 'earths sister' because It's size. And look is comparable to earth, but, it's a bit smaller and a little bit different.&nbsp Venus is also known as 'the morning star'and 'the evening star' becuase it's best visible at twilight. It's visible color is 'skin color'/red. that color is the extremely dens atmosphere. The surface consist out of two big 'islands' resting in lava oceans. Venus was never very interesting for exploration because nobody can live there because of the terrible conditions. However, the aaaahavesend a couple of landers. One of them even send photo's of Venus. the NASA have send two probes 'Mariner 1' and 'Mariner 2' Venus is also very because it is the symbol of womanliness. Mans are referred to planet Mars.


Venus planet
The surface of Venus primary consist out of lava. There are two 'continents' called Ishtar Terra and Aphrodite Terra.
There are a lot of 'islands' on Venus.

Ishtar TerraEdit

Ishtar Terrais the biggest continent. it holds the biggest and tallest mountain of Venus, Maxwell Montes. Maxwell Montes is 11km tall (mt. Everest is 8km).

Aphrodite TerraEdit

The aphrodite terra is the largest known canal without water.It resambles Mars' canyon.


Sometimes people have thought Venus has same directions of rotations with other planets. Actually Venus rotates backwards, which is clockwise. This means the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east on Venus.

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Tempature of venus is very hot for life.Even hotter than mercury.Because of It's thick Co2 atmospere makes it hotter.